Masterful Master Suite


Sanctuary, Serenity, Calm; these were the words we captured from the client briefing for this interior. The brief was very clear – we were asked to create a space that encapsulated these words and injected a little bit of the serene into the clients’ hectic lives, whilst insuring the balance of masculine and feminine were kept well within reasonable realms of acceptability.

We started off with the neutral balance that the walls were going to bring, and used the large grey bedstead as a key focal point to set the tone. We then added contrasting tactile materials in the form of throws, cushions and layered bedding to create an intricate layered look, perfect for any occasion. Key additions were the classic style grey side tables and almost vintage bedside table lamps with Edison style bulbs and marble bases, which ensured that the look was contemporary, stylish and very easy to be comfortable in. The styling of shelves with the clients’ collection of souvenirs from worldwide trips as well as some fantastic vintage finds pulled the space together and helped us create a lived-in look.

This room had a large window that let in a lot of light. Lighting was never a problem, and all the key pieces we put into this space were beautifully illuminated by the sun streaming in. The finished interior was a wonderful space that truly depicted what the client had asked for.

This space was really well received, a welcome retreat that did exactly as the client asked.

‘ We love working with Client’s existing treasures and giving them a new look by styling them with different accessories. ’

Aarti Popat

‘ It truly is a haven, somewhere I can go and have a bit of down time, relax and enjoy the calmness around me. ’



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