Quirky Scandinavian Living


The brief for this project involved getting creative with the client’s existing pieces, some more quirky than others, and their extensive collection of items from all over the world. They wanted a warm and neutral colour palette to which they could add layers of intricacy and an open space for ease of family living.

We created a warm colour palette of greige with darkish blues and hints of blush and gold in the details to really bring the space together. We used the juxtaposition of straight geometric lines with floral details to soften the space and add a slight nod to romanticism – perfect for the modern yet contemporary family.

Using art, accessories, and artefacts from travel adventures, we put together a space that tells a story of their journey. Their love of Scandinavian design and its trademark stylish-yet-functional aesthetic is really quite apparent in this space, without being domineering. We selected furniture based on forms that are synonymous with their style and some key vintage pieces that they already had.

We ended up with a space that is warm, inviting and an epitome of what the client was; a busy young family with a desire to spend what free time they have together.

The clients were blown away by the change in the space and how it flowed better with areas dedicated to each function in an open plan living style. The representation of each member of the family was apparent and we had taken their core requirements and really delivered on making the space work hard for them.

‘We designed using modern scandinavian pieces, but ensured that the fusion of client bough pieces and some vintage finds of our own really bought the space together, a marrying of era’s’

Aarti Popat

‘We really love the way our items are showcased within the space, Aarti really managed to make the most of the art. A true representation of us as a family’



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