The Toddler Den


We were asked to create a fun but not typically gimmicky space for this little boy who loves his cars, planes and animals. We wanted to use a range of patterns and textures to give the family a fun space, which, whilst primarily for their toddler could transition him well into his teens.

Very quickly we split the room into several areas, each with a different function. This helped us to ensure we could build up a requirements list and specific definitions that the space needed. We then started playing with the planning of the space, which was defined to a certain extent by the furniture that the client already had and wanted to keep.

Since the client had asked us not to recreate a typical baby boy’s room, we looked at merging colours and patterns together to create a space that was contemporary and stylish, and that would serve the family well for many years to come. We found some gorgeous patterns and had bespoke blinds made in an alternate geometric pattern to the rug as well as some lovely framed line drawings of animals.

We ended up with a beautiful interior where there was a dedicated reading and soft area, a nice open and fairly large ‘play’ area, cool and stylish storage for all those books, games, puzzles and toys and a nook for hiding away. Just what all little boys need. We also gave them ideas on what to do when their little one got older and how they could change a few things to ensure that the space still performed the functions that they would need.

The client was overjoyed at what we had managed to fit into the space and how we had used pattern as a conceptual separation of the space to use for different tasks and play. They felt that the space really represented their toddler and them as a family, with the longevity to last for many years to come.

‘We used pattern as the foundation to design this space, so it was a different way of starting a project which was great fun’

Aarti Popat

‘A real hub for our little one to grow into’



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